Week 3 Outreachy Post: Against all struggles

Here, with the coming of 3rd week of Outreachy Internship, the organizers came up with the interesting task. We are supposed to write about our endeavor and share the hardships that are grinding, helping us in more productive way.

The two weeks of Outreachy Internship has passed, unbelievable. It’s pretty scary to know how quickly time flies.

To be honest before becoming as Outreachy Intern at Mozilla, I had never thought about many of the technical aspects of the SUMO project. The most important aspect of a free software project is documentation.

My first task in the internship is to draw the user flow diagram of SUMO community along with others community to analyze how does the system works in different communities. It took me a lot of time as I have never done before but the mentor helped me by giving examples and explaining to me well in the meeting. So what is the need of user flow diagram and why do we need it?

To analyze whether people are having the best experience possible when they visit our website.The users should be able to pickup our website for the first time and understand the ways the pieces fit together immediately. User flow is basically the steps user takes to accomplish a particular task. It includes all the different pages and touch points that are part of the interaction.To provide the users that kind of seamless experience, the flow has to be as efficient as possible. I explored various tools, websites of different communities, interaction with various people in the Mozilla Community that experience was overwhelming. To understand how does the tools work, what is the meaning of specific lines, shapes, it was quite confusing.

When digging into the next task, I was asked certain questions and to prepare a presentation upon it:

  • “ As a contributor, what do I want to do in the SUMO Community?”
  • “As a contributor, what articles can I start contributing to? How do I get started?”
  • “As a contributor, where do I go to get help?”
  • “As a contributor, where are my tools to help me accomplish a contribution?”

To find out the description of newbie contributor, problem validation data, personalize the problem and what improvements we can establish, it includes lot of research work. After studying lot of case studies, thinking as newbie user, thinking what could we do, I tried cover every aspect in the presentation. In the upcoming week, I need to implement any two A/B tests and take the project to next level. That feeling is exceptional and am little bit terrific 😛

One of the major struggles, I felt, it’s sometimes difficult to present my point of view being not having English as my first language. Also, I’m not used to write blog posts and whenever I sit to write, initially, I am like blank 😦 Being an intern of Outreachy, I felt that this is the considerable platform to develop our communication skills. With time, I realized there is confidence while I speak during meeting, write blog post and could present myself in more confidential way 🙂 Skills such as multitasking, communicating, learning to deal with diversity, and dealing with deadlines are different when you are working on such big platform, not yourself like you do in college.


     ”  We grow because we struggle,

           we learn and overcome.”



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