Outreachy Week-5 : Project Workflow

Here, we enter in the 5th week of Outreachy Internship. We are provided with some goals and another amazing task to write blog post about elucidating the project in which we are interned.

I repeat, am working as Mozilla Support Community Developer Intern in this Outreachy Program.

In the last week, my mentor told me to research about the on boarding process of SUMO as well as other communities. She collected the feedback from me and told me to make presentation and write it in the project template. In SUMO community, our focus is to what we should do in order to make the platform and Firefox Support website a more exciting place to collaborate on. We also added our own ideas about how to improve the experience for both Firefox users visiting the site, contributors helping out and the newbies. The result of the presentation is something I meant the vision for this internship.

Now am going to tell you what my project is actually about?

Mozilla Support (http://support.mozilla.org/) is a community of many passionate, dedicated and hardworking people whose vision is to help all users of Mozilla’s software and products. The project aims at improving the UX design of the website to be more helpful to both advanced users, regular users, newcomers and to meet today’s standards. We also earmark to better discover and modify the ongoing issues and problems with the website. I did lot of research work and doing testing, currently, as how to ameliorate and determine best user experience to improve the UI.

What are the problems we are trying to address?

1. Need to analyze the specific requirements the user wants.

2. Need to deliver clean and clear data.

3. Need to find influencers.

4. Need to have suggestions from everyone.

Screenshot from 2019-01-06 15-55-42.png


Here, are some of the interpretation, we made while discussing the research work and ideas:
1. Avoid repeated content with the addition of blissful and satisfied content.

2. More details about the programs and activities before actual signup (By providing the links to articles of experienced Mozillians, how do they work, what overwhelms them so much)

3. Availability of eloquent articles (More detail from the user perspective as how could they indulge should be covered)

Screenshot from 2019-01-06 16-40-26.png
Let me know if anyone is interested to know anything about Mozilla Support Community.


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